About Us

The 3v3 story began in 2014 when my son had the opportunity to play for a professional soccer club in Brazil. We lived in the country for a year, where soccer is like a religion.

I had the opportunity to talk with many coaches and they all seemed to have some of the same questions about Americans and the sport of soccer. Their main observation was that Americans are very athletic but lack soccer IQ and are behind on their skills. I explained to them that most American children are involved in multiple sports at a young age, so they split their time and attention among multiple sports with football and basketball occupying a majority of their practice time.

After several discussions with Coach Jenner the concept of a reduced bounce ball for small sided play emerged. Jenner introduced us to a Brazilian soccer ball manufacturer and we started building the prototype. After several reiterations and four years of development, the ball was made a reality.

The 3v3 ball was made to focus on skills development, training and small sided indoor and outdoor play.